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NCT Technologies is proud to be associated with Hangzhou Jingwei Electronic Mechanical Mfg Co. Ltd as their Sole Pan India dealer for their entire range of machines. All products are supplied under TANG brand.

Hangzhou Jingwei has been supplying machines in India since 2003 & is one of the oldest Chinese companies still dealing in India. Today, TANG brand is considered the best among Chinese machines for its high quality, low maintenance, superior stitch quality without compromising on production. All these reasons have resulted in faster recovery of the buyers investment.

“TANG” is the only brand that manufactures of types of embroidery machines& has been pioneer in many models.

Our Supplier Hangzhou Jingwei Electronic Mechanical Mfg Co is the biggest computerized embroidery machine manufacturer in China. With strong R&D team, high standards of quality, use of best parts make “TANG” the no. 1 brand even in the Chinese market. China has many big manufacturer exporters with their manufacturing units equipped with 100’s of “TANG” brand machines for many years & have never selected any other brand as TANG is always leading in giving the latest technology to its buyers.

How do we innovate :
1) With requirements from buyers, the R&D department designs the new product.
2) The product is tested inhouse& then supplied to domestic buyers.
3) Regular follow ups with users brings out the practical result & if required the machine is further fine tuned.
4) Machines is further monitored for few months & checked by the Quality Control Department to check the wear & tear taken pace.
5) If the products passes the basic principles of low maintenance, long life, best stitch quality & high output, only then the product is available for export markets.

Machine Range :

  • Normal Speed Flat Embroidery Machine (TS Series)
  • Economical High Speed Embroidery Machine (GGS1000 – GGS Series)
  • Cap – T Shirt Embroidery Machine

This stringent policy has made “TANG” the no. 1 brand in China & all its exporting countries including India. No doubt “TANG” brand commands highest re-sale value even after 5-6 years of usage.


We are the only company in India who are associated with a single supplier for all model/types of embroidery machines.







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